Licking Himalayan Salt bricks

The advanced world and its discoveries have changed the lives of all living organisms, from yours to even your cattle. Although, mineral deficiencies and chronic diseases in cattle are becoming an inevitable risk to their health due to sprouting up low-quality feeds and fodder everywhere. But there is no need to worry because the mineral blocks for cattle that we’re going to tell you about might just give you the healthy and strong cattle you want.

Mineral blocks or lick Himalayan salt Bricks give proper nutrition to your cattle. They manage your animal’s hormone and sugar levels, harden their hooves, show stressful behaviors, prevent them from drinking urine, and make sure of strong nervous and immune systems. These are only a few of the numerous benefits of Himalayan pure pink salt. So, if you’re worried about the health and nutrition of your cattle, this article is for you. Learn more to discover the miraculous benefits of Himalayan pink mineral salt for your cattle and how they can get shiny coats, high milk yields, a healthy appetite, and a strong internal system.

                          Licking Salt Blocks

Following are two easy ways from which you can get a healthy diet for your cattle:

  1.   Mix Salt Brimming with Nutrients in Animal Feed

Don’t forget to add this extra mineral supplement whenever you’re making feed for the cattle. The way of mixing loose salt to animal feed is preferred in winters, and hard weather conditions, when it’s tough for animals to lick Himalayan Salt Bricks. Therefore, owners of cattle can ensure their animal’s salt intake through loose salt.

  1.   Get a Salt Lick

Salt licks or Himalayan pink salt bricks for cattle are a choice broadly preferred due to their cheap nature and the convenience they offer. 

Carrying innumerable benefits and being effortless to lick and store, these licks are salt b made from Himalayan pink salt brimming with more than 84 minerals that are the best health enhancers for your cattle. However, ensure the proper concentration of salt and minerals you plan to give your cattle before allowing them to take these mineral licks.

Attributes of Pink Himalayan Salt Mineral Block for Animals 

Natural supplement

Salt licks of Himalayan pink salt carry a lot of benefits for your cattle. Completely natural and low cost, they can last a long time if kept dry, all the while able of giving numerous perks upon consumption.

Filling the gaps

Your cattle in the field are your responsibility, and thus you require compensation for the nutrients that they are unable to take through their daily diet. Without eating the salt they need, your cattle may start a craving for it, which will result in unusual actions such as licking wood and chewing on dirt. Thus, you’ll need to make the extra effort to confirm that their feed has Himalayan pink salt packed with all the beneficial minerals for their health.

Good food, good response

Natural salt licks will supply your cattle with natural Himalayan pink rock salt in a structure as hard as their horns. Brimming with about 84 nutrients, this salt will help in the development of the nervous system of your cattle. This will ease their nerve impulses and result in a better response from your animals, especially those which are used for ride.

    Salt lick

Strong muscles to flaunt

To attain your goal of having the healthiest cattle, providing them with proper salt and minerals according to their requirement is important. Himalayan pink salt also help in the development of muscles of your cattle. Salt aids in many body functions such as carrying of nutrients to cells, resulting in stronger and healthier animals.

Good meals, good milk

Salt must be taken by animals that are to give milk. A diet rich in important minerals and supplements will stop loss of appetite in your animals, which would also maximize milk production. That’s why, Himalayan salt mineral licks are considered beneficial for dairy animal’s good health and performance.

More licks for less sick cattle

Himalayan salt licks indeed help in the prevention of many diseases caused by salt deficiency in animals, such as viral infections and dehydration. While salt licks are accessible generally for all animals, you may need to exercise more carefulness in giving different animals with the varying important minerals they individually crave.

  • Deer Salt Lick

Aiming to breed an attractive herd of deer with shiny coats, or normally looking for a hunting help to get one for you? Consider getting a Himalayan pink salt lick for deer that may work for both purposes. However, deer may need individual care as they can be little choosy about their consumption of dietary supplements.

                                Deer Salt Lick

Thus, carefully choose an advantageous mineral block that contains trace elements good for the whole herd. It will aid them in their development and will provide the minerals they require for the growth of antlers.

  • Cow Salt

       Cow Salt

While all your herds are exposed to salt deficiency, this problem is a commonly found in cows. Cows especially need proper consumption of salt to produce milk else they may consume alternate harmful things such as dirt and wood to fulfill their salt cravings. Hence, for their proper nutrition, fertility, and development makes sure you have pink salt tiles as cow licks in your pasturages for strong and healthy cows.

  • Horse Salt Licks

                      Horse Salt Licks

Salt is among one of the most important minerals that are given to horses without which they may express abnormal behaviors. You’ll be happy to know that your horses are clever enough to self-regulate their salt requirements. If the weather is not too hard, you can consider giving them horse salt licks that will help in the development of their systems, prevent chronic diseases, and maintain their health and hormones.

Now, it is the time to reap the benefits of Himalayan licking pink salt tiles. Well, best of luck in your struggles! And now that you’ve made the more effort, you’ll soon be flaunting the strongest and healthiest animals in town.

Today, the world has modernized a lot. The days are gone when people died because of chronic diseases. Now there are very few diseases that have no treatments. Not only human beings but also animals try to live better lives. In old times, we observed that our animals died a lot. Mostly, these deaths are the result of weakness, unhealthy feed, unhygienic conditions and lack of proper salts in the body.

                              aniaml salt

All animal lovers must be upset by reading this. But, do not worry! We brought a solution for you by which you can be able to save your cattle and that is by using Himalayan licking Salt. Well for more information you have to read our article and find out the incredible pink salt benefits for cattle.

Himalayan pink salt is mined from the wide and ancient Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region, Pakistan. These salt licks are a 550 million year old source of trace elements and minerals for animals like horses, cows etc. The eye-catching rose pink color comes from the salt’s high mineral content, including potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, iodine and magnesium, which are all essential for maintaining health. Mass-produced salt licks are manufactured by using salt with minerals mixed in it during the manufacturing phenomenon.

                  animal salt

But that’s not the case with Himalayan pink rock salt, where the minerals are naturally found in the pink Himalayan salt. It is considered as natural and the purest form of salt that occurs on Earth. Himalayan rock salt licks are very hard rocks, which mean that horses and other animals are unable to bite chunks off the salt block. This problem can be solved with softer “pressed” salt licks. These licks are also more resistant to severe weather conditions like rain and cold etc., which means they can be safely left outside in the field for animals to self-eat. We have observed that animals especially horses like them more than other mineral salt licks. These pink salt tiles are an excellent source of trace elements and minerals which are vital for a healthy life.

Himalayan Salt Licking Block Benefits

Himalayan salt provides lots of benefits for all living beings. It is rich in mineral content which improve immunity. Licking pink salt gives vitamins and protein to animals. Moreover, it provides aid to animals in growing rapidly and boosts the running ability of animals especially in horses by making their bones strong. Himalayan pink salt helps increase the appetite of the cattle and prevent them from licking wood and dust. In short, pink salt has unlimited uses and benefits for animals as well.

        Himalayan Salt Licking Block Benefits

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Himalayan pink salt tiles which are as follows:

Balanced Nutrition Provider

Himalayan pink Salt gives balanced nutrition to your animals. If you are a beginner and not aware of how to tackle the nutrition factor of your animals then start giving Himalayan pink Salt to them. It will help to:

  • Control the hormonal balance of animals.
  • Keeps sugar level in balance.
  • Stops animals from drinking their urine.
  • Eliminates abnormal and anxious behavior of cattle.
  • Great booster of the immune system.

Solution of Abnormal Cravings by Himalayan Pink Salt

An animal is always in need of some salt minerals in its daily diet. If it is not given to them, the animals will develop weird behavior. They can even begin licking wood or eating mud. This can be a threatening condition for your animal as they can consume harmful germs as well.

Therefore, a little addition of Himalayan Salt to your cattle’s feed can give wonderful results. They will stop showing strange behavior and will be strong and healthy as well.

Development of the Nervous System

Himalayan Salt Block is a blend of more than 84 essential nutrients and trace elements like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and iodine etc. When cattle lick this Himalayan pink Salt or eat it in the feed, they become more healthy and active. Their nervous system will become stronger and your animals will express the best behavior. It is also the best stimulator of blood circulator.

Himalayan Pink Salt to Keep Cattle Muscular

When we keep animals, our ultimate wish is to see them fit, strong and healthy. Undoubtedly, a healthy animal is the pride of its owner. But the question is how to gain it. The answer is naturally occurring Himalayan pink Salt indeed.

The lack of minerals and nutrients in animals is compensated by the use of Himalayan salt blocks. These minerals used will make an animal healthier, stronger, and more proficient. Their muscular strength will be boosted and resultantly make you happy and satisfied.

Magical to Milk Production

Consumption of Himalayan pink rock Salt is unbelievable towards milk production. The value of cattle is estimated by the amount of milk it gives. Occasionally, cattle do not produce an appropriate amount of milk. This is because of the lack of essential minerals and nutrients in their diet or loss of appetite.  Himalayan pink salt will cure this problem too.

Stimulates a Healthy Breed                                                         

If you are in the breeding business then you cannot get it successfully without taking aid from naturally occurring Himalayan pink Salt. This is due to if animals have salt deficiency in their bodies then they cannot mate well. So, if you desire an attractive and a nice breed get help from pink Himalayan Salt. Consuming just small amount of pink Himalayan rock salt can do miracles in your cattle’s life.

But, it is necessary to check the authenticity of salt blocks because they play an important role in giving all the above mentioned health benefits to the cattle. A lot of replicas and duplicates are widely available in market after the ultimate popularity of Himalayan pink salt in pastures. Those fake and unhealthy salts are main reason for damaging animal’s health. Many people have reported the diseases in animals caused by unhealthy and fake salt. Salt products produced by original and certified company can only take the responsibility of the health results in animals by a proper intake.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps are crystals made from pink-colored Himalayan rock salt, having hollow cavity to fit a light bulb inside. When you switch on the light bulb inside them, they give out a soothing and warm reddish-pink glow. Traders of these decorative items say they do many more than light up the place. They claim that the lamps can improve sleep, boost mood, ease allergies, clean the air, and help people with asthma breathe better, among other advantages.

                            Himalayan Salt Lamps

The above mentioned claims sound remarkable. Yet the scientific evidences are insufficient to back them up. The pink salt used in making of these lamps extracted from the Himalayas mountain range in Punjab region, Pakistan. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are made with the salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. This mine produces reddish, pink, or off-white color salt. There are lots of fake lamps sold online and in markets. The original ones are delicate and give off a dim and relaxing light. The dummy products glow brightly and hard to break.

What is the difference between White Lamp and Pink Lamp?

Himalayan pink rock salt is found in different colors, tones and shades. These tones and shades can vary from reds and oranges to pinks and pure white or a mixture of these shadings. There are numerous shades of Himalayan pink salt as it is a blend of many minerals like iron, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and iodine etc. White salt is extracted from the outer region of the salt mine. It has very low amount of iron, which is why it contains a white color. It does the same work as the Pink lamp does, it doesn’t have much difference.

How Do these Lamps Work?

It is observed that the lamps work in two ways:

  1. Pull in particles

These lamps supposedly catch toxins, allergens, and pollutants present in the air to their surface.

     2. Possibly emit negative ions

 According to some people thinking, negative ions in the air have health advantages. Ions are molecules that have go through a change in charge. Negative ions have accepted an electron. Positive ions have release one. Ions are present all around us. Few come from particles from outer space that form their path to Earth. Others form from radiation, from closer to home, sunlight, the collision of water droplets in a waterfall, or lightning.

                Himalayan Salt Lamps

Some people experience that they feel more refreshed, relaxed, and clear-headed after a storm. A feeling they experience is the result of the amount of negative ions in the atmosphere. Purification systems and Commercial ionizers also release negatively charged ions to make clean and more comfortable and relaxing indoor spaces. It is supposed that Himalayan lamps discharge negatively charged ions while water molecules present in the air attract by them and then evaporate from its surface due to heat and other impurities and harmful chemicals remains on their surface. Those who have trust in the health advantages of these lamps give negatively charged ions most of the credit.

Claims about the Lamps

Even though a few studies show some advantages from negatively charged ions, the evidence that salt lamps help in health improvement is scarce.

  • Mood and sleep

Some people thought that positively charged ions in the environment increase crankiness, anxiety, and other unpleasant feelings. They believe that negative ions remove anxiety, stress, and depression, and improve overall health.

   Himalayan Salt Lamps

Experiments with rats and mice say that high amounts of negative ions in air change the levels of serotonin, a hormone that contributes to feelings of well-being. In few human being studies, negative ions in large amount did decrease depression and stress slightly, but they didn't have any amazing impact on sleep or anxiety levels. A lot of studies proof that people have better thinking ability tests when they were in a place where the paint on the walls had a large amount of total air ions i.e. both positive and negative ions. Besides that paint had no impact on their general health.

  • Asthma and allergies

The concept that negatively charged ions may help in better breathing has led to some studies on the topic. In most of them, negatively charged ions in the air didn't improve breathing or reduce asthma symptoms. They also didn't lessen the use of inhaler in adults and children as well with chronic asthma.

  • Cleaning the air

Negatively charged ions do holds little ability to purify the air from harmful particles present in it. When ions caught pollen, bacteria, or other harmful chemicals they neutralize the all the pollutants in environment. According to the Studies, it is believed that negative ions and positive ions may kill germs and removes other harmful pollutants, but precisely how aren’t confirm, and some experts state that the killing of germs may be because of other reasons. There's no evidence in any case that these lamps have this effect.

Soothing and Relaxing Environment 

Lamps also produce a light that is not so relaxing and calming but also holds qualities that help in providing a more relaxing night’s sleep.

Does the Lamp Have Health Benefits?

Though the claims sound impressive, but no one has proved that these lamps emit negatively charged ions, let alone enough to have any effect on health. Lots of the research has used negative ions from other things, not from lamps. In a couple of studies on mice and rats, contact with these lamps had anti-anxiety and anti-depressant impacts. So, this also proofs that the lamps would have the similar effect on human beings. Researchers would have to check the studies.

As a small amount of pollutants and pollens in the air might catch by pink salt rock, these rocks have the filtering ability and by this purify the air. A Himalayan salt lamp might be a wonderful decorative piece and brings a warming and calming glow to your space, and there are also some researches that say it will improve your overall well-being in a good way.