Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Contrary to other salts, uses of Himalayan pink salt are not just bounded to seasoning your foods. It is extracted by hands in the form of large salt bricks that have a heavy and hard crystalline structure. Due to its structure, this salt is then shaped into different kind of products that raises its functionality.

You surely have seen many different products made with Himalayan salt tiles anywhere around you at least once. If not, then we are going to mention some of the most trending salt products like salt bricks that you can easily find near you.

Edible Rock Salt

The first and most important use of salt is for cooking and seasoning meals. We need salt in a fixed amount to satisfy our daily requirement of sodium and when we have it in the natural and purest form its benefits doubles. 

Himalayan pink edible salt is a best choice for use in cooking and seasoning than common white table salt. It is chemical-free and unprocessed salt that carries many qualities linked with it. It aids in absorption of minerals and also improves digestion in the body.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

Cooking food on salt bricks? Yes, Himalayan salt tiles can be used for cooking many foods. Large flat slabs or plates of pink salt are best for cooking, grilling, and searing meat, seafood, and veggies. These Himalayan salt tiles utilized as grilling pans. The Himalayan salt minerals get mixed into the food during cooking and make it nutritious.

Himalayan salt tiles for cooking can also be works as a serving platter to serve hot meal to your guests. You can also use them to present cold food items such as sorbets, ice-creams, and fruit salads by putting the Himalayan salt tiles in the refrigerator for some time before serving. Their beautiful pink color put on beauty to the presentation of the dishes.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses 

Use these gorgeous Himalayan salt shot glasses instead of your normal salt shot glasses to take your drinking game to another level. These glasses are highly used for tequila shots, martinis, cocktails, and many other drinks. The natural salt of these shot glasses mixed with your drink and will boost up the taste of your drinks. 

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

Salt baths have been relaxing our bodies and minds for ages. Old people put salt in their baths for its therapeutic and healing benefits. Various wellness centers and spas have begun offering salt baths to clients. Because of increase in awareness, people have now started taking salt baths at home as well. 

For this purpose, Himalayan pink salt tiles is liked by many people. It is the organic and unprocessed bath salt that is not harmful for the skin. Himalayan pink salt bath removes all the toxins and detoxifies the skin. A warm salt bricks at the end of your hectic daily routine can relax your mind and body. Sleep with baby-like skin after taking Himalayan salt bath.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder and Lamps

This salt can also boost the decor of your home in the form of candle holders and Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps are much better than ordinary lamps because of their pure nature and qualities. If you do not like bright and harsh lights but want a soft glow in your room then these lamps are perfect for you. These lamps can be putted anywhere you want. Their mesmerizing and alluring glow and color are enough to enhance the decor of your home and office.

Just like these lamps, the salt candle holders are also used to decorate your place. Throw away regular candle holders and purchase the multifunctional Himalayan salt candle holders. They are not only used for holding the candle but also when the heat of the candle heats up the holder, it releases negative ions just like the lamp that cleanse the atmosphere.

Himalayan Salt Neti Pot

It is a natural salt product used to clean nasal cavity so that you can breathe comfortably. For using a neti pot, you require to fill it with a salt and water solution. You have to flow this solution using the tip of it in one nostril and let it come out of the other nostril.

It will clean out all the pathogens and dust and soothe your nasal cavity. 

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Salt bricks or tiles have now become famous among interior designers to give homes a modern and unique look. These salt bricks are utilized for constructing salt walls in offices, spas, homes, and wellness centers and are also used to made salt rooms for salt therapies in saunas and spas. The beautiful color and stability of these salt bricks can increase the décor of your place.

Himalayan Lick Salt

Himalayan pink salt is not just for human eating, but your farm animals can also take this salt in the form of salt licks. Animals do not require excessive amount of salt. They only require it to ends their salt craving. Many owners of farms use salt licks to reduce the stress on animals and keep them energetic. It also helps to protect them from licking soil or any other thing they find on the ground.

These pink salt licks are rich in trace minerals and elements that fulfill animals’ mineral deficiencies. Some animals do not like to lick salt,  for them Himalayan mineral salt is mixed with their feed in a limited quantity to satiate their salt requirements.

Halotherapy Benefits 

Halotherapy also called dry salt therapy, has been a very famous effective treatment in Eastern Europe for many years but is just now becoming popular in North America. Salt rooms are popping up in resorts, wellness centers, and spas all over the country and people are claiming a huge number of perks that mainly benefit respiratory health and treat skin problems.

Even if you may not have listened of salt rooms before, you are likely aware of Himalayan salt lamps, which have been popular here since ancient times. These lamps provide a warm pink glow and are said to eliminate negative ions in the surroundings. As a result, they have been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance relaxation. Pink salt room therapy often includes Himalayan salt tiles or lamps for this effect.

What is Halo therapy?

Halo therapy or dry salt therapy got its start in the early 1800s when an Eastern European doctor observed that people working in salt mines had fewer respiratory issues (unlike other miners) and their skin often looked younger and clear. After this observation, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski set up the first salt spa in a salt cave in Poland in 1839.

Many years ago, in Europe salt mines were used as bomb shields during World War II. At this time, a German doctor, Dr. K.H. Spannagel, found that people spending time in the caves observed to be experiencing improvement in respiratory diseases. This experience inspired him to further search about the phenomenon by setting up inpatient centers in salt mines. There is a very long history of halo therapy, but this gives you a general overview of how the health benefits of inhaling salty air were first discovered and studied in modern times. 

Halo therapy is of two types; dry and wet salt therapies. Wet salt therapies include some common remedies practiced at home, such as inhalable saline solutions and neti pots. Dry salt therapy is used in salt rooms made with salt Himalayan Salt Tiles, consists of inhaling tiny salt particles ground up and dispersed by a halo generator in the air.

According to the Salt Therapy Association the following ailments can be cured with halo therapy:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Common cold
  • Bronchitis
  • COPD
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Sinusitis
  • Ear infections
  • Smokers cough
  • Psoriasis
  • Itching
  • Eczema
  • Swelling & inflammation
  • Dermatitis
  • Dry & flaky skin
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Rosacea
  • Skin aging 

What is a Salt Room?

You experience how you feel like you can breathe deeper and better after staying out at the beach for a few days? Well, salt rooms were made to provide you this same effect in short time. There are also so many salt mines in the world, and it is not possible for most people to go to these mines for inhaling salty air on a regular basis. While spending time at the beach for days also seems to help, this is not even possible for more persons. As dry salt therapy started to become popular, people had to think how to make a similar environment that would be more accessible to clients and patients. This is how salt rooms, and salt caves began to spread all across Europe, and then going to the Australia, United Kingdom, and North America.

Essentially, a salt room or salt cave is a space with properly controlled salt concentration and ventilation. While in this space, patient breathe in air having tiny salt particles dispersed by a machine called a halo generator. These salt particles are small enough to be breathed into the lungs, which is beneficial for the potential respiratory health.

Salt rooms often made up with Himalayan salt tiles that are believed to release stress-reducing and mood-enhancing negative ions into the atmosphere. This, surely, can develop a relaxing environment, but it is the addition of the halo generator that creates the difference between peaceful space for yoga or meditation and having a real salt therapy room.

Breathing in the dry salty air is a key here, so if you are going to build your own salt therapy room at home that rivals those are present in wellness centers, and spas, you will require having a halo generator.

Why Should I Build a Salt Room at Home?

Salt room therapy generally last about 45 minutes and cost between $25 and $45 in most regions. Besides, the cost, there is also the time consideration, since there are till now relatively very few salt rooms, and spas across the country, which means you may have to travel for 30 minutes, one hour or even more just to go your nearest salt room.

Moreover, you will have to share the space with other clients, or patients, some of whom may be there for getting salt therapy to help them control the common cold or other contagious ailments. Even if their problem is not contagious, you may find it uncomfortable or even a little gross for people to be spitting up phlegm or coughing while you are trying to get relaxation.

If your budget allows it, you have the time, and you do not have any problem in sharing the space with other people, you probably do not require a salt room in your home or outdoor living area. You also do not need to bear the expense of constructing a salt cave if you are only going to utilize it every once in a while. If you do not have any plan of using it regularly, it is better for you occasionally booking an appointment at a resort, spa or wellness center to partake of their benefits.

But, if you want the convenience and privacy of getting your health treatments at home, then an at-home salt room might be good for you. It also might be a right choice if you or any family member has a health problem that salt therapy seems to help. If there is a specific health issue you are hoping to cure, you should surely try out salt therapy at commercial salt rooms first to find out its effectiveness for your particular illness prior to investing in at-home options.

Top Reasons to Keep an HPS Lamp in Every Room of the House

Himalayan pink salt lamps and salt bricks hold an array of environmental and health advantages which make them very useful and beneficial for the home, see how you can get benefit from these positive facts!

They are made from a chunk of Himalayan pink salt crystals. They are used as beautiful and eye-catching interior decorations and serve as natural sources of light. However, the other many various functions of Himalayan pink salt expand far beyond aesthetics. Combined with a light source inside the hollow cavity of lamps, the pieces of salt form negative ions, which have positive impacts on the indoor environment. Placing an HPS lamp in every part of the home can provide several environmental and health benefits. Among all other uses, they can: 

Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

Daily used appliances such as cell phones, computers, televisions, and tablets discharge positively charged ions into the atmosphere constantly. These and many other electronics can results in a flood of electromagnetic radiation (EM), which, although not visible, is believed to cause some very serious long-term effects on health. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EM) is known primarily to cause fatigue, weaken the immune system, and increase stress. The lamps release negative ions and neutralize the positive ones. So, by neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, they help to prevent static buildup and even decrease artificial frequencies. 

Enhance Overall Breathing

The finite hairs that line the windpipe are called cilia. They serve like microscopic breathing filters. According to studies, positive ions in the air reduce cilia activity while, contrarily, ions with negative charge have a more rising and positive impact. Therefore, these lamps are believed to enhance breathing activity by emitting negatively charged ions that purify foreign particles and keep the lungs cleaner. 

Cleanse, Purify, and Deodorize Air

Himalayan pink salt lamps help to purify the air through a process called hygroscopy, which catches and absorbs polluted water molecules from the environment and sticks them to the Himalayan salt crystal. The hygroscopy has the incredible ability to eliminate dust, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air. This advantage is very popular, as salty air serves as an overall health booster and can help to clear the air passageways. 

Reduce Asthma and Calm Allergies

HPS lamps are said to filter dust, pet dander, mold, and mildew from the indoor atmosphere. As a nasal saline spray uses Himalayan salt tiles to clear airways, they help to cure allergy symptoms of all kinds. Those who are affected with asthma also claim to get benefits from Himalayan pink salt. Certain manufacturers have produced Himalayan salt inhalers for the affecters of bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory conditions because it is very effective to help in breathing. 

Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of Cold

It is believed that the ions having a negative charge emitted by Himalayan salt lamps may provide protection against airborne germs. Besides eliminating these pollutants from the atmosphere, the pink salt also permits the body to filter air more effectively in an attempt to block any foreign harmful particles from going it into the lungs. This can prevent the symptoms of sneezing, sore throats, coughing, and other minor symptoms of the common cold. 

Boost Blood Flow 

Several studies have proved that negative ions especially those which are released by HPS lamps, can increase blood flow. This acceleration in blood flow aids to improve many disorders of the vascular system and can prevent lungs from certain damages. 

Boost Energy Levels

Positively charged ions reduce the energy of body, and it is suggested that these lamps can literally do the reverse. The negative ions released from the pink Himalayan salt tiles raise energy levels, which provides a refreshing effect as same to the feeling of rejuvenation attained from passing time in nature. 

Sharpen Performance and Concentration 

Exposure to air having negative ions decreases stress and boosts overall performance. Negatively charged ions enhance oxygen and blood supplies to the brain, making the lamps useful for improving concentration. They also provide an improvement in the concentration of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which actually develops the feeling of happiness. 

Enhance Mood                                                                             

Various studies suggest that negative ions enhance the energy level and mood by increasing the serotonin hormone in the brain. Thus, salt bricks can help people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other forms of depression and stress. 

Decrease Stress and Promote Relaxation

The lamps can be used as a help in color therapy also known as chromo therapy, an alternative way of recognizing and treating a huge number of ailments. They produce a soft and relaxing light in hues of ambient yellow, orange, and red that aids with stress, general relaxation, and attention deficit disorder among others. The peaceful light is claimed to balance spiritual, physical, and emotional energies. 

Improve Sleep 

Long term exposure to positive ions decreases the brain’s oxygen and blood supply, which can results in irregular sleeping patterns. The negative ions emitted by a lamp are believed to reverse this effect. This makes them a famous sleep aid. They also have a direct relationship with chromo therapy, the dim relaxing light can benefit people who suffer from insomnia. 

Qualities of unique lamp

  • Unique HPS lamp is carved from Natural Himalayan pink salt crystals hand-extracted from the Mountains of Himalayas.
  • Once lighted, the lamp releases a calm yellowish color.
  • Holds large number of health and environmental benefits 
  • It is not very expensive and cheerful.
  • Every lamp is unique and different in shape and color 

Why we recommend it?

These HPS lamps amongst the all other are environmentally friendly light sources. Many are powered by low voltage light bulbs that consume very small amount of energy, while others are lighten up easily by the flame of a candle. This lamp is beautiful, attractive, and unique and remains outstanding with its style making it an eye-catching addition to the home. 

Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps are used as decorative items you can buy for your home and offices. They are made up of mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt and are claimed to have numerous health benefits. In fact, sellers of these lamps say they can purify the air in your home, boost your mood, soothe allergies, and help you sleep. However, others question whether these statements have any reality. This article searches the evidence on the lamps and separates facts from fabrications. 

Why Do People Use These Lamps?
Lamps are made by placing a light bulb inside a hollow cavity of large chunks of Himalayan pink salt. They have an attractive appearance and give a relaxing, warming, and pink glow when it switches on. Authentic lamps are made from salt extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine near the Himalayan foothill in Punjab region of Pakistan. Salt bricks is believed to be millions of years old extracted from this area, and even though it is very similar to common table salt. It contains small quantities of several minerals which give it a light pink color.

A lot of people choose to purchase the lamps commonly because they like the way they look and enjoy the impression the warm pink light creates in their homes and other places as well. However, others find their health benefits attractive.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?
They are said to give health advantages because they are known as “natural ionizers,” meaning they can alter the electrical charge of the surrounding air. Ions are defined as compounds that hold a charge because they have an unequal number of protons or electrons. They are born naturally in the air when changes occur in the atmosphere. For example, waterfalls, storms, waves, heat, and natural radioactivity all produce air ions. They can also be artificially created by air ionizers produced at the commercial level. It is believed that these lamps may create ions by attracting water molecules that evaporate off in the form of the salt solution when heated by the lamp, forming negatively charged ions mostly. However, this claim has not been verified. Still, it is not clear whether these lamps form ions in meaningful amounts or not.

What Are The Health Claims and Do They Have Any Reality?

There are three major and important health claims made about HPS lamps.

  1. Improves Air Quality

Lamps are often used to improve the quality of air in your surroundings. More especially, they are popular as being advantageous for people with asthma, allergies, or diseases that affect the functioning of the respiratory system, for example, cystic fibrosis. Although, there is still no solid evidence that using a HPS lamp can eliminate potential pathogens and enhance the air quality of your home and other places. 

The belief that they are beneficial for people with respiratory problems may be surely based on the ancient experiments of halo therapy or salt therapy. In this treatment, people with chronic respiratory disorders are said to cure from passing time in salt caves. This is due to the presence of microscopic salt particles in the air. Until now, there is little support for this practice, and it’s not proven whether it is effective or safe for people with respiratory issues. Moreover, experiments on air ionizers, which release large amounts of negatively charged ions, have been shown to ease people with asthma, allergy, and cough, or improve respiratory function.

2. Can Boost Your Mood

One more mostly made claim is that Himalayan salt bricks can help to boost your mood. Some studies on animals have proven that exposure to high amounts of negative ions in the atmosphere may help in the betterment of serotonin levels, a chemical hormone used for mood regulation. But, studies on humans for investigating claims regarding the psychological effects of air ionization found no permanent effects on the feelings and moods of a human being. Furthermore, researchers did search that people with depression, stress, and anxiety symptoms who were revealed to have very high levels of ions with negative charge reported betterment in their mood. However, the connection they established was not related to dose, meaning that improvement of people’s mood couldn’t be described by the dose they get. Therefore, researchers questioned whether the connection was causal. In addition, it’s very likely that these lamps could reveal you to the high level of negative ions used in these studies.

3. Can Help You Sleep

Studies have not still explored the effects of HPS lamps on sleep. Nevertheless, an analysis of the impacts of air ionization on sleep and relaxation did not observe any evidence of a beneficial effect. Therefore, even if they do affect the air environment and surroundings, it is not proven if this would have any effect on sleep patterns. It may be possible that using the dim, warm and pinkish light coming from a lamp may help to promote sleep toward the end of the day if you use it instead of bright electric lights. This happens because bright light before bed can slow down the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin. 

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Any Benefits?

HPS lamps may have a lot of other benefits. They are beneficial for human health, overcoming stress and anxiety, and also to improve respiratory functioning. Some other benefits include:

  • They are attractiveIf you love the way they look, they could be an attractive decoration piece in your home.
  • They create a nice environment. They could help to develop a relaxing and calming atmosphere that helps you relax.
  • They might help with the dim light in the evening. If you try to sleep, using dim lights coming from these lamps in the evening may help you get to better sleep faster.

Concisely, the above points may make them a beautiful and attractive addition to your home. The lamps are also useful to improve air quality, boost your mood and also provide better sleep.