Himalayan Salt Tiles for Constructors

Are you a construction expert? Or simply want a long-term health boost? Or trying to earn money from halo therapy, the hottest wellness trend spreading everywhere? Well, a salt room construction with Himalayan salt tiles project gives you the best of all worlds. Rejuvenating and pacifying salt chambers are the ideal place to help you de-stress and relax while giving lots of healing and purification benefits.
So if you are searching for a guide on how to construct a salt room with Himalayan salt tiles then you are at the right place. Read more for amazing tips and tricks that you can follow to attain your very own salt oasis.

Why Salt Rooms?

Away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the salt room is designed for an amazingly soothing experience and provides nourishing, health-boosting salt therapy, or halo therapy, that will take your wellness to an entirely new level. This dry salt therapy has become a widely embraced attribute in salt rooms and spas (which are built with Himalayan salt tiles) in recent times. It comes with uncountable health-boosting advantages, with the salt serving as a natural purifying disinfectant.

The Salt Bricks used in this therapy emit negatively charged ions that not only clean the room’s atmosphere, but also help in loosening congestion, and dealing with skin conditions and respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis.
Be prudent about building your salt chamber unless you already excel at complex construction projects. Of course, first, plan out your budget because the benefits of these rooms are many, but so is the expense!
Important Considerations


This is the main element to consider before you go into the actual construction part. Salt rooms are supposed to be relaxing, calming, peaceful places, with healthy nourishing surrounding that provides the experience narrated by many users as if one is in a womb. Thus, keeping in mind your budget, you have to select your space carefully, away from chaotic environments or noisy surroundings.
You can also think about building your cozy salt chamber or room in an outbuilding or transforming it into a salt room. However, ensure that the spot is properly heated and ventilated.


Secondly, select your desired design or style of the room. Whether you are going for a traditional room design with Himalayan salt tiles or would you choose a more unique project such as replicating a salt cave.
If you’re going for the first option, Himalayan salt tiles or even salt lamps should be on your buying list for the release of negative ions which are used for air purifying, health-boosting, and mood-enhancing.

If you are willing to construct a unique cave replica, you can choose between relaxation salt caves that need no salt generators or more effective therapeutic salt caves that will need a salt generator that can be programmed according to your needs. Both designs are very unique and common, but ensure to decide your preference first.


Usually, people on a shoestring budget choose small salt rooms with multiple enhancements. However, be mindful of the number of people you want to adjust while ensuring that your room is not too stuffy or uncomfortably small.

Raw Material

Here, your raw material, of course, will be Himalayan salt tiles. However, do not forget to use a high-grade premium quality salt, the best your budget can afford. Selling low-quality Himalayan salt tiles in premium packaging has become normal, unfortunately, so be alert of fake vendors out there.


Usually, salt rooms are neither too bright nor uncomfortably dark and vision-impairing. Use pink salt lamps or led lights on the back side of your Himalayan salt tiles to lighten up your room appropriately while getting health perks at the same time through these health-boosting lamps. Try lightening your salt bricks and Himalayan salt tiles which will also boost the release of negatively charged ions.

Salt Concentration

Remember this rule of thumb, the higher the salt concentration, the more the health perks. More pink salt means more negatively charged ions in the atmosphere, which is good for health.
However, unless you mine for yourself, your material is not coming for free, so making a budget for your cost becomes important here. Further Enhancements

Salt Infrastructure

Are you seeing a large health boost? You can consider adding a salt-encrusted ceiling, including salt panels with Himalayan salt tiles, salt walls, and salt bricks depending on your budget. And if you wish to go a little more, loose salt on the floor is an excellent idea too!

Halo Generators

Having an Aim for a professional look that defeats the professional salt chambers and salt cave spas? Think about adding a halo generator to disperse fine salt bricks in the room and make the environment best for meditation.

Salt Décor

Salt decorations made from beautiful and attractive salt bricks would not only look amazing but also act as health boosters and also neutralize the atmosphere of your salt chamber. Think about Himalayan salt decoration pieces such as bath salt jars, candle holders, salt bricks or simply little beautiful salt bowls to add to the room’s décor.

Additional Tips

Remember Special Room, Special Furnishings Do special care of your special room! Normally used furniture will be corroded by the pink salt; therefore commonly selected furnishings used in such salty atmospheres are non-corrosive, including salt tables and chairs, and salt bricks, panels, walls, and floors.

Keep Electronics At Bay!

The release of positively charged ions from electronic gadgets and devices is hazardous to health and these devices will only beat the reason for your project. Put them in closed bins, or away from the room.

Seek Professional Consultation

For a work like this one, special care is needed. Think about seeking professional consultation or hiring a contractor for more guidance and specifications with a huge number of salt cave buildings and contractors sprouting up.

In the end, good luck with your project! Keep in mind the long-term benefits and pacification are worth your commitment of a little time to this project. Moreover, the satisfaction of looking your dream come into reality is an amazing experience on its own. Apart from decoration, one of the main purposes of salt bricks is to improve air quality.

Placing a lamp in your living or master bedroom helps in releasing the negative ions to neutralize the impact of harmful positive ions produced by electronic devices such as TVs, laptops, microwaves, and refrigerators. However, taking proper care of the lamps is necessary to expand their lifespan and enjoy their therapeutic effects without any problems. Read the ultimate guide about Himalayan lamp care and effective cleaning techniques given below. So, let’s start.

How to Care For Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Just like any other product, the lamps also require your care and attention to make sure their longevity. Here are some easy but useful care tips you have to follow to keep your lamp in good condition for a long time span.
First, buy an authentic pink Himalayan lamp made with 100% natural and pure Himalayan rock salt mined from Pakistan. Due to an increase in their demand, many sellers have started selling fake lamps. So check for an original lamp while purchasing.

Ensure that the electrical voltage provided to the bulb of the lamp is proper. High voltage can be bad for the bulb. Buy the best lamp that has a secure dimmer switch and wiring. Always ensure to properly plug the switch of the lamp.
Keep the lamps away from children's reach to avoid any mishaps.
You can put the lamp in a room with higher humidity and moisture levels allowing the lamp to absorb the moisture. However, it does not mean putting the lamp in a damp and humid environment as it can lead to leaking.

These lamps & salt bricks work by absorbing moisture from the environment so avoid keeping them in wet areas of the home like the bathroom, or lawn. In a highly humid and moist environment, the lamp can get dampness in such cases simply wipe the surface of the lamp with a piece of microfiber cloth. You can also switch it on to evaporate the moisture.

You should never use water to wash the salt bricks as the salt will dissolve in the water. Always use a soft damp microfiber cloth to wipe it. To prevent the lamp from leaking, keep it powered on for a long time or you can also place moisture absorbers in the room.

Tips To Prevent Lamp Leaking

Why is my lamp leaking? It is a quite common problem highlighted by many lamp owners. These lamps are essentially hygroscopic i.e. they absorb moisture from the surrounding environment based on the humidity levels of the area. However, if you switch off the lamp for a long period, the absorbed moisture begins dripping from the lamp. Also, if the water keeps leaking and you do not wipe out the lamp, it can lead to an electrical hazard or a fire risk.

The easiest method to prevent or stop the leaking is to power on the pink Himalayan salt lamp. However, if the water does not drip, you have to use a large light bulb to keep the salt warm. Also, you can put floating candles around the lamp to keep the base of the lamp warm and dry.

If you are traveling and you would not able to switch on the lamp, it is good to cover it with an airtight plastic bag to prevent the absorption of moisture. Also, it is better to put your lamp on a plastic plate than to ruin your wooden table.

How to Clean the Lamp?


The lamp catches the air containing bacteria, pollutants, and other allergens. Furthermore, when the moisture evaporates due to the heat of the bulb and the harmful bacteria and residue stay on the lamp's surface.

This is the reason why cleaning the lamp by using a wet or dry cloth multiple times during the week is important. You can do these steps to clean your lamp:
First, you must turn off the lamp and let it cool till it reaches room temperature.
You should use a damp but not very wet piece of microfiber cloth to wipe the lamp surface and remove dust and dirt.

It is important to use a lint-free cloth, so it does not leave any residue on the lamp surface. In the end, you can switch on the lamp to dry it and wipe out the excess moisture.

How to Clean Salt Lamp Residue?

The use of a high-intensity bulb in a lamp coupled with an extraordinarily dry climate makes the lamp lose water molecules that can cause flaking. As a result, you see the lamp shedding salt particles around the base.

You do not take to worry as you can use a wet cloth to clean the lamp and wipe out the residue. Also, you can switch on the lamp during the daytime and turn it off at night time to maintain moisture balance and prevent over-dryness or vice versa. It is best to switch it on for almost 16 hours.

Do not worry, lamps don’t take much energy. You can purchase these lamps and salt bricks of different sizes and shapes according to the dimensions of the room. Extreme moisture leakage causes the lamp to degenerate and crumble. In such a case, you must disjoin the lamp, take off the bulb, and keep it in direct sunlight for some hours to dry it out completely.

The above guide is to help you to keep your lamp safe and tell you about the simple tips and tricks to clean the pink Himalayan salt lamp, and Himalayan salt tiles and prevent it from leaking or damaging. The lamps can last for a long time if properly cleaned.

It’s best to power on the lamp for a whole day to cleanse and dehumidify the room atmosphere. You can use a 7 to 15 watts bulb in the light which takes less electricity.

So, take good care of your lamp and let it take care of your health in return.