The Himalayan Salt bricks and lamps are becoming very popular nowadays. Even though it is quite old and folk has been placing it in their homes since ancient times. These Himalayan salt bricks lamps are made with Himalayan pink salt which is generally extracted from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan.

It is available online and also in the markets. The red, pink and white, and beige light produced by these lamps relaxes the brain and maintains good health. We are going to tell you about these Lamps and their benefits in this article.

They are made up of small pieces of Himalayan natural Salt Crystals. A Himalayan lamp is formed by fitting a bulb in the middle of it. When it turns on it produces yellow, pink and red light. Generally, it is used for home decoration, but some people place these lamps in their homes because of their health benefits. It is believed that putting this lamp in every room of the house is advantageous for health.

This salt involves many types of minerals and trace elements, which are completely different from the common table salt.

What are Himalayan salt lamps?

They are becoming a hottest trend among people these days, everyone wishes to keep Himalayan lamp in their place. Experts believe that keeping it in the house has many perks, it not only increases the beauty of our room but it also works to fill positive energy in our room. Besides this, it also kills all the harmful bacteria present in the air of our house.

Keeping it at home also provide us relaxation, positive energy, and relief from depression.

Himalaya lamp is made from more than 250 years old natural rock. These are rough crystals that are formed in the rock deposits of the Himalayan mountain range, which is why they are called natural rocks.

The shape of each rock is their biggest feature that is completely different from the other. To prepare a lamp, many small crystals of this salt are joined together, then a bulb is fitted inside it and it is given the shape of a lamp.

How do they Work

Himalaya lamp is very beneficial for health. It is claimed that this salt replaces the electrical charge of the air. The ions present in it have an unbalanced number of protons and electrons.

These are produced automatically in the air. These ions are generated by springs, natural radioactivity, waves, storms, and heat. Lamps produce ions by attracting water molecules and when they are heated by the lamp, evaporate in the form of salt solution, which produces negative ions and benefits health.

Benefits of the lamp

There are numerous advantages of this lamp you can experience. Folk believed that the lamp filters out dust, mold, foul odors, and animal dander from the surrounding air, thereby providing relief from asthma and not causing allergies to the person. To clean the air passages of the nostrils, Himalayan salt spray is used. It helps in relieving the symptoms of all types of allergies. These lamps are also very beneficial for people facing asthma. Holding it at home does not cause bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Moreover, the Himalayan pink salt inhaler is also available in the market for asthma patients. They also help to raise your energy level. Positive ions released from the electronics drain the energy of the body, but presence of Himalayan salt bricks in the house has the reverse effect. This means that they increase the energy level and make a person feel very refreshed and relaxed. The energy of Himalayan salt also cleanses nature and works to fill energy in everyone.

How to clean Himalayan salt lamp

Though there are various benefits of keeping a lamp in the home, do you know how to keep them energetic for a long time? As a lamp attracts water and particles from the air, it also catches positive ions with them. As the salt heats up, it eliminates cleansed water vapor back into the environment, while expelling negatively charged ions. As a result, cilia activity in the lungs increases, which cleanses them.

If you have bought a Himalayan lamp for your home, you may be confused about how to clean it. You have to follow the given instructions to clean the lamp.

  • The Careful Kid Glove Treatment
  • It is said that a lamp should never be washed with water, as it has a naturally self-cleansing effect. Due to its antibiotic properties, it does not need dishwashing soap or detergent for cleaning. However, if it gets too dirty, it suggests using a slightly damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe away debris.

  • The Spit & Polish Process
  • On the flip side, the lamp owners opt for a big bucket of cold water and dip their lamps a few times in the water to wash off the dust. Then keep the lamp in the sun to dry. Remember that it’s about dunking not submerging and using cold water rather than warm. Salt will dissolve in water if left for some time.

  • Moisture Management:
  • Do not put or store the lamps in wet areas i.e. the bathroom or outdoors. When there is humidity and your lamp feels damp, simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth or switch it on for some time to evaporate the moisture. You need to keep them clean from time to time to enjoy the shared Benefits of the Himalayan salt bricks for a long time.

    It is also believed that Himalayan salt bricks also use to increase spirituality and energy level in a home. They have a number of benefits to releasing positive ions. They increase our energy and due to this, they are also a part of meditation practice. Experts believe that meditation in areas with these Himalayan salt bricks can increase positive aura and energy. It raises our link with spirituality and we can experience the divinity within less time. If you are affected by a psychic vampire just place this lamp at your workplace and see the magic.