If you are health conscious and keep yourself well aware of health trends that keep hitting the market, you must have heard about the health advantages of Himalayan pink salt. People all over the world are always looking to try out things that seem more effective than the ones they are using presently; regarding health benefits. In doing so, human beings have been observed to switch sides between man-made and products. People accept changes and better options in search of the best for their health and end up with things that are natural and have benefits.

                           Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is one such example; people have followed in the search for the best and have ended up with a thing that is natural and old. 

The Himalayan pink salt’s history is very interesting. Himalayan salt is mined from the salt reserves located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges in Punjab, Pakistan. Himalayan pink rock salt crystals come in colors ranging from pink to unobtrusive shades of orange. It comes in huge rocks and pieces which are then cut and modified as wanted. As Himalayan salt isn’t refined, the salt particles are coarse unlike those of the common table salt. Himalayan salt is hand-extracted with natural processes that are being used for many years.

Table salt is refined to achieve the white color and fine surface. In this refining, the salt loses many of its natural elements that are normally a part of the salt and are healthy and valuable. 

   Pink Salt

The extraction method used for table salt is one more worry as they add chemical substances to the salt. Himalayan Pink salt is known to be the most natural salt. Aside from sodium chloride Himalayan salt contains 84 other minerals that are exceptionally good for human well-being. These trace minerals are the reason for the attractive shades of this salt.

Why Choose Himalayan Salt Over Table Salt?

Studies support that a lot of salt consumption might be harmful to human health. It increases the possibility of heart and blood-related maladies. The most commonly used salt is regular table salt. Because of handling and refining, table salt loses a large amount of its naturally happening components. The elimination of these components makes sodium a large part of the salt. This makes salt worthless and harmful. The added chemicals in the table salt cause danger to the overall well-being as well.

Himalayan pink salt, then again, has a lot of advantages based on its origin and extraction method. As it comes to its customers in the purest form, it has various beneficial fellow minerals present in it. These fellow minerals play an important job in the working of the human body. Other than these benefits get through Himalayan pink salt utilization, it is known for some natural benefits that influence people in healthy ways.

Incredible Uses and Benefits of Pink Natural Salt

The health advantages of Himalayan pink salt crystals include:
  • Supporting adrenal and thyroid capacity
  • Helps in gaining hormonal balance
  •   Helps in obtaining fast metabolism
  •  Helps in manufacturing enough amount of stomach acid (HCl)

Uses of Himalayan pink salt are not only limited to cooking or consuming. Himalayan pink salt can be used in many different ways as well.

    Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Bricks

They are used as serving platters; these blocks give an improved salt taste and mineral substance. Chilled Himalayan salt bricks can be utilized to serve cold pastries and ice cream, sushi, and vegetables.

Himalayan Salt For Cooking

These blocks can be used to cook vegetables, shrimp, fish fillets, and meat, or even sear an egg. The thick salt squares spread heat evenly which ensures good cooking. The best thing is that Himalayan salt is normally unfriendly to microbial contamination, so tidying up needs only a quick clean or flush.


Salt blocks and lamps can be placed in homes, as precious stones, as a stylistic theme, and as decorative pieces to light up a dull environment.

Himalayan Salt Detox Shower

Toss in the tub for a detoxifying Himalayan salt shower to achieve the benefits of a pink Himalayan salt bath. The energizing supplements animate flow and relax sore muscles. 

Rich in more than 80 effective and skin-renewing minerals, washing with pink bath salt is a refreshing experience for the mind and body. A salt shower helps remove poisons, wash down the skin, and cleanse the body enthusiastically. For the most effective detox result, form Himalayan salt “brine water” for the shower. For this use 1-2 pounds of Himalayan salt mixed in a hot bath.

Potpourri Holders And Essential Oil Diffusers

Beautifully formed salt blocks are also used as oil diffusers and holders for potpourri.

Salt Therapies

Salt inhalers and ultrasonic salinized can be used in combination for many health advantages. The salinized can be placed near the bed to get benefit from it while sleeping at night. The only situation is to set it up in a closed environment and with the holes facing you so the small salt particles can be inhaled.

     Salt Room

Other than these two ways of salt therapy, salt is utilized in many more therapeutic methods.

  • Neti pot is also known as nasal irrigation. In this method, salt water is inhaled from one nostril and drained out of the other. The saltwater removes the sinuses and relaxes the track.
  • Crenotherapy involves the consumption of salt water called sole water.

Salt Licks For Animals

Himalayan pink salt is utilized as licks for animals as it aids them in bone growth and muscle strengthening. These mineral licks also bring animals to the land in case you desire to set up a hunting point

Himalayan Pink Salt Skin Benefits

Himalayan pink salt is being used in several facial scrubs and toners. The tiny salt particles help in exfoliating dead skin cells leaving behind smooth and glowing skin.

In short, pink Himalayan salt is full of benefits. It is nature’s gift to mankind and helps in treating various health-related issues.

Himalayan Salt Tiles

We all are very well aware of the health advantages that Himalayan pink salt offers upon its consumption in our food as an alternative to common table salt but here we are going to tell you a lot of benefits you may get by using the Himalayan salt tiles.

Himalayan pink salt has a wide range of usage not only because of its captivating appearance but also due to the unlimited benefits they offer. These are formed with Himalayan salt blocks that are shaped into tiles of different sizes. Himalayan Salt is very versatile and used to manufacture many products like salt lamps, salt inhalers, salt candle holders, salt licks, and salt bricks and tiles.

In this article, we will discuss about Himalayan salt tiles’ Benefits, Uses, and other features.

Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles Benefits

Himalayan rock salt which is used in the making of many products contains naturally occurring trace elements and minerals that give these rock salt crystals a beet-red to pink tint. This pink color gives the Himalayan rock salt attraction enough to utilize them for decorative purposes in your homes, restaurants, and offices. It is also used in spas to build salt rooms.

Himalayan salt walls also release anions, these negatively charged ions positively affect your body by eliminating depression, and anxiety and inducing a good impact on your lungs. The salt crystals also reduce breathing issues when inhaled, this process is known as Halo therapy or salt therapy. Several studies have been performed to figure out the impacts of salt inhalation.

How to Install?                                                                                      

Installation of the Himalayan salt wall is completely dependent on how you wish it to look. You can build a traditional brick wall by using

Himalayan salt blocks. There are two ways to install a Himalayan pink salt brick wall.

  1.  Using the Existing Floor and the Walls of Your Home

You can build the Himalayan salt wall using another wall for support but before that, you have to confirm that the walls and floor, on which you are going to install the pink salt wall, are strong enough to bear the weight of the salt wall.

You can construct a Himalayan salt wall by the same method as the common brick wall using adhesive or grouts to fill gaps between the tiles to keep them fix or you may use any other material to create it more beautiful.

 Moreover, you can install lighting behind the pink salt wall, giving sufficient space between the wall used for support and the pink salt wall to allow proper airflow.

     2.   Freestanding Himalayan Pink Salt Walls

This pink salt tile wall can be built independently on the floor without the support of any other wall, ensuring that the floor is capable enough to endure the weight of the salt blocks. Such walls are constructed mostly as partition walls in bedrooms or open places in your home.

  1.  Backlit A Salt Wall

Installing a backlight on the salt wall not only increases the attraction of the wall but is also needed to heat the salt using light,

There are a lot of ways to backlit a salt wall tube lighting, track lighting, rope lighting, etc. It is suitable to use a light that backlights the salt wall with the flick of a switch so you can easily light it up when necessary.

Pink Salt Caves for Halo therapy Or Dry Salt Therapy

Himalayan pink salt caves are designed to provide an environment that is similar to natural salt caves. These caves have the floor and walls built with Himalayan pink salt tiles. You just have to sit relaxing inside and breathe in the salty air. It’s a passive kind of salt therapy that is utilized as a therapeutic motive for chronic obstructive airway diseases.

For Food Serving and Searing

The unique pink-looking Himalayan salt has the uttermost versatility. It can be used as a cooking block for cooking, serving, and grilling many kinds of food. These tiles give a salty and mineral-rich taste to the foods cooked and served on them such as sushi, vegetables, and cheese.

These pink Himalayan blocks can also be utilized to sear food. First, they have to be heated in an oven at 400-500 degrees for almost half an hour, and then they can be used for searing quick-cooking foods such as thinly sliced veggies, seafood, etc.

You may give a twist to the common grilling method by putting the pink sea salt blocks over the grill for both savory and sweet meals.

These tiles can also be utilized for serving ice cream by chilling it out for almost 120 minutes or more and then topping it up with the ice cream scoops.

Himalayan Pink Salt as a Detox Tray

As discussed above Himalayan pink salt carries 84 trace minerals and elements so when you put a Himalayan salt tiles Wholesale beneath your feet, the direct interaction of your toes with the pink Himalayan salt will cause your feet to sweat which is a natural method to get rid of the toxins. While eliminating the toxins from your feet, minerals get absorbed that will make your feet cleansed, and aching caused because of overexertion, and ease tiredness.

    Himalayan Salt Bricks

All you have to do is to lay down your back on a comfortable chair with a cool damp cloth over your head and put your feet over the Himalayan pink salt and enjoy the calming effect of the pink salt detox tray.

To increase the soothing effect you may sip Himalayan pink salt sole water which itself has incredible health benefits. It needs about 15-20 minutes to bring its advantages to the fullest. Once completed, you may wipe the tile with a damp cloth or by disinfectant spraying then dry it off and it will be prepared to use again.

Because of the versatility of their utilization, Himalayan pink salt has a wide range of benefits for your health