If you are trying to leave bad habits like smoking or alcohol, trying to eat healthily, and hitting the gym, you are probably curious to know how you can give your body the ultimate boost; well, there is a way, and it is called salt therapy. Salt therapy, known as halo therapy is a new detox trend for a non-invasive and natural treatment that utilizes the antibacterial properties of Himalayan pink Salt. Millions of folks have experienced a lot of benefits, from babies to older adults.

In salt therapy sessions, Himalayan salt walls are built with salt tiles, panels, or salt bricks that emit micro-particles of Salt that are about 30 times finer than human hair.

      Salt therapy

The fine Himalayan salt particles go deeply into the respiratory tract and into the epidermal layers. Sodium chloride is the main element of the body's physiology and is involved in maintaining homeostasis and good well-being and is also the key to releasing toxins that we breathe in or come into contact with is Salina in the lungs, and Salt helps the body to remove contaminants through ion exchange.

The only thing you have to do is go and relax comfortably. Moreover, it consists of chemical elements like iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron, and selenium, all necessary for your body. Sessions usually last for 30 minutes each, but you need to book a course of regular treatments to gain the full perks.

Salt therapy and its benefits

Halo therapy is a natural, harmless, and safe treatment involving breathing in comfortable salty environments. Pink Salt is very absorbent and contains natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that bring various benefits. Pink salt microparticles also gently promote your body's natural cilia movement. Cilia assist to keep our airways clear of dirt and mucus so we can breathe easily. But with the aid of Salt, this process is speeded up.

Salt Therapy

Consider Salt as toothpaste for your airways, cleaning out mucus, pathogens, and debris. Halo therapy enhances the immune system, improves lung function, and helps with skin conditions, ear infections, allergies, and a smoker's cough.
It is good for respiratory conditions i.e. asthma, nasal congestion, sinusitis, common cold, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by helping folks to breathe comfortably, reducing the symptoms of those conditions. Himalayan Salt wall particles involve over 84 minerals.

These particles absorbed through your skin can assist repair your skin's cells and prevent from acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin allergies, rash, fungal infection, wrinkles, eczema, and signs of aging.

We face stress in our everyday lives, but some people feel it more than others. For those who have experienced a high-stress level, a salt cave therapy session may be just what you want. Because of the relaxing environment, you can get rid of the stresses of the day. You will feel refreshed with a new perception of your well-being while leaving the cave. Salt therapy offers many advantages to stress relief to help reduce respiratory disorders and skin conditions. T

here have been no side effects reported, so there is no reason not to think of a salt therapy session to improve your mood, health, and general overall wellness.

What should I wear for my halo therapy session?

We recommend wearing comfortable and loose clothing that is ideal for you to enjoy the session thoroughly; microscopic salt particles will drop on your clothes, which you may effortlessly brush off at the end. We don't recommend wearing jewelry or using perfumes and definitively not taking electronic devices with you because a salt therapy session is meant to give max time calming you and getting you to focus on your health.

Where can I get a halo therapy session?

The Himalayan salt wall and caves are aseptic and free of bacteria, and viruses. Salt rooms built with Himalayan Salt bricks provide a natural process for keeping your health in check. It has a stable temperature and is negatively charged, which has highly beneficial impacts on your health.
There are two types of halo therapy, which can be active or passive.

  • Active salt room: It contains a machine called a halo generator, which has the technology to disintegrate the Salt into microscopic particles that spread around the space.
  • Passive salt room: It does not contain any device like a halo generator; the room filled with Himalayan Salt tiles or salt bricks gives salt particles and negative ions through them.

Cave therapy

Sitting on a chair at the beach with your toes put in the sand while inhaling the salty air from the ocean is one of the most relaxing and refreshing things you can do. However, not everyone has a beach near them or the time to go to the beach regularly. A visit to a salt cave will aid you to gain the same relaxing results. Let's know-how. The salty atmosphere in a Salt Cave is more effective for your general health since it's dry salt therapy instead of wet salt therapy that comes from the beach.

Salt Therapy

Maybe many people have not heard of a salt cave before, but they are becoming more common to visit salt rooms built with Himalayan salt bricks for dry salt therapy (halo therapy). A salt cave is an artificial cave built of Himalayan Salt tiles and salt bricks that impart several general wellness benefits to that taking salt therapy sessions with the help of a halo generator.

The halo generator crushes, grind and discharge 99.99% pure-grade sodium chloride into the atmosphere, which, when breathed in, helps eliminate respiratory issues.
If you can't go to a salt room due to some issues, you can practice halo therapy at home with Himalayan salt tiles made of pink salt.

Halo therapy is usually practiced in the salt rooms, where the Himalayan salt wall surrounds folks. Because of the COVID global lockdown, many salt rooms, wellness centers, and spas that offered this breathing treatment were permanently closed. Due to this reason, there is no better way to introduce salt therapy to your home than doing it with Himalayan salt tiles.

Himalayan Salt Wall Panels bring wellness and all the health benefits to your life. A great way to enjoy these numerous advantages of the Himalayan salt wall is by adding it to your Sauna routine. The sauna's heat aids the Himalayan salt wall in emitting negative ions, increasing the sauna benefits and relaxing while breathing the salty air.

Himalayan salt panels of salt bricks are not only beautiful and attractive, but they are easy to install. They are also available in three different shades: Pink, Red, and White.