Human beings are the most wonderful creature of God on earth. The human body is so delicate and among other living creatures, we become ill frequently. Our body is not capable of making enough nutrition and mineral that’s why we depend on different benefits from other natural resources. Likewise, to survive our body needs many minerals and salt is one of the most important minerals. But, unfortunately, our bodies cannot produce salt. Being one of the most crucial ingredients for life, salt is comprised of two ions (sodium, the positive ion; chloride, the negative ion) and various other minerals. All of these minerals carry out a fundamental job inside the body. For example, sodium (Na+) is essential for the functioning of nerve impulses, the assimilation of different supplements in the small intestines, protein digestion, and muscle compression. However, chloride is imperative for balancing the pH level of our blood at an optimal level. Furthermore, it is also observed to be a useful component to expel carbon dioxide gas from our body tissues through the lungs. 

      Himalayan Salt Bricks

You hear about so many advantages of Himalayan pink salt for several purposes. In order to avail you of a large number of benefits through salt, visit salt spas and salt rooms built with pink salt bricks for halo therapyYou need only to search for a salt room near you and get an appointment. After this therapy session, you will get miraculous results. 


 Salt therapy also known as halo therapy or dry therapy is a drug-free remedy done in a controlled ionized salty environment. Such a type of environment is provided in salt rooms, salt caves, and salt sauna centers, The walls, floor, and ceilings of salt rooms are built up of Himalayan Pink salt tiles and salt blocks. This session lasts about 30 to 40 minutes during which you will experience what is called halo therapy or dry salt therapy. As you sit and relax in a climate-controlled room embedded with illuminated mineral-dense and pure uncontaminated Pink Salt Bricks, micro-particles of the salt are released into the air through a medical machine called a halo generator. This wonderful technology allows the mineral-dense salt particles to passively enter your lungs, and initiate begins several healing processes.

The benefits of salt room therapy can be broken down into two categories: 

  1. The physical health benefits and 
  2. The psychological and emotional benefits.


As mentioned above, Halo therapy is a natural, noninvasive treatment for improving lung function, which has been used for centuries for reducing various health problems such as sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and a couple of other respiratory ailments. It is a modern therapeutic technique based on the principle of the natural salt mine process (Speleo therapy), where frequent exposure to the massive salt produced healing effects for miners and others with respiratory illnesses.

The ability of the salt holds the anti-inflammatory drug and anti-histamine properties. This aid to get rid of tiny particles from the airways, minimizing the amount of immune gamma globulin (a protein that involves in allergic reactions) within the body, reducing the number of sneezes and production of mucus, releasing the mucus and toxin from the lungs thus stopping the need for it to be released from the skin, also reduce medication use and antihistamines.

In addition to the instant benefits to the respiratory system, others use the negative ionic and clean air of the room or cave of Pink salt bricks to raise energy, improve sleep, treat certain hair and skin ailments–and the list goes on.



 Every square inch of the salt room is constructed for the sake of comfort, inspiration, peace, creativity, and healing to the body, soul, and, mind. The bricks provide an extra soothing and nourishing environment. People reported that they feel highly comfortable in salt rooms because of the overall atmosphere, humidity, and temperature, and obviously due to the beautiful pink Pink salt bricks. Ions in the salt room are released that provide peace and are beneficial for our well-being. The instantaneous peaceful climate is not experienced by accident. Mindfulness instructor and meditative artist Amy Stone specially designed it. Every texture, every shape, every color, every pattern, and every placement of light has been precisely planned out and accomplished, based on neurological proofs of what aid us to attain a peaceful and logical state of mind. Were you attracted by the charm in the photos of the salt room? See? It’s already working. Just wait until you practiced it personally.

    Salt Room

 Likewise, several experiments have proved that the rooms made up for salt therapy are the best place to do meditation practice. Some people have found that the atmosphere and the environment of any salt room help them to stay mindful and focused. It is also an ideal place to do yoga and other exercises. To get the best results all you need is to visit your local salt room for a minimum of twenty minutes. Individuals sit, breathe, and relax in the rooms of pink salt-stacked lodges and the salt does its miracles all alone. For many people, the salt room which is constructed of Himalayan Pink salt tiles and Pink salt bricks becomes a shelter from the pandemonium of the world, as well as a nurturing ground for creative thought and positive energy.



If you don’t have time due to some reasons or a hectic routine for taking sessions of salt therapy at salt therapy centers, you may also get salt therapy at your home. Salt therapy can be done at home by following methods;

  1. Wet Salt Therapy can be done via:
  • For nasal irrigation using a neti pot.
  • Gargling with salt water.
  • Saltwater Flush.
  • Soaking in a salt bath.

  1. Dry Salt Therapy at home can be done via:
  • Use of a salt lamp.
  • Use of a detox dome.
  • Use a salt inhaler.
  • Use of a portable halo generator.